MoCI,Qatar launches new website with more features such Price comparision,Product recall etc.

  • By Gulf Times Qatar
  • •  Jan 07, 2019

HE   the   Minister   of   Commerce   and   Industry   Ali   bin   Ahmed   al-Kuwari    yesterday    inaugurated  the  new  website  of  the  ministry,  including  49  new  e-services,  bringing  the total number of e-services provided by the MoCI to the public to 133.The  launch  of  the  new  website  reflects   the   ministry’s   strategic   objectives  and  keenness  to  achieve  more  effective  communication  with  investors,  consumers, and members of the public through  the  provision  of  additional  e-services  that  keep  pace  with  modern  technology,  and  which  save  time  and  effort.

The MoCI’s new website,,   is   characterized   by   attractive   colours and clear images. Easier to use, the new website enables quick access to services provided by the ministry with  fast browsing,  in  line  with  the  modern  designs used by international websites. The changes to the website are in line with the  ministry’s  vision  of  shifting  towards   digitized   systems   to   interact  more with members of public and support  them  in  completing  their  various  transactions.

The  new  version  of  the  website  features  133  e-services  covering  the  different  sectors  of  the  ministry,  including  commercial  registration  renewal  service,  licensing,  modification  and  revocation   (discounts, liquidation   or   offers),licensing   to   manage   and   operate   new   bakeries,    registration    of    commercial    agents,  reports  of  meetings  of  general  assemblies and boards of directors, patent  application,  registration  of  trade  or  industrial marks, and other e-services. The  new  website  allows  visitors  to  view  the  latest  news  of  the  ministry  through   an   integrated   media   centre,   and    the    most    important    initiatives  and  projects  of  the  ministry,  as  well  as  product recalls and trade and industrial statistics.


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