MOI Qatar - Permanent Residency Eligibility Inquiry

MOI Qatar - Permanent Residency Eligibility Inquiry

Online Portal for Permanent Residency Eligibility from MOI,Qatar

Enter your QID Number and Expiry Information to verify your eligiblity for Permanent Residency in Qatar.

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The applicants must have adequate income to cover expenditures for themselves as well as their family members. They should also be of good behavior and reputation, and should not have previously been convicted by a final verdict, the advisory states.

Applicants must have completed 20 years of residency in  Qatar if  they were  born  abroad  or  10 years if born in Qatar.

 The following categories of applicants are exempted from these conditions: 

  • children of  a  Qatari  woman  married  to  a  non-Qatari  man; 
  • Non-Qatari husband of a Qatari woman;
  • Non-Qatari wife   of   a   Qatari   man;  
  • Children of a Qatari by naturalization;
  • Those who have provided great services to   the   state;  
  • And persons with special capabilities needed by the state.

Applications need to be submitted through the electronic services portal of the ministry’s website. If the applicant fulfils the requirements, she/he will be contacted by SMS to submit the necessary documents.

The applicant will pay the prescribed fee of QR3,000. If eligible for permanent residency,the   applicant   will   be   contacted   to  complete  the  procedures  and  obtain  the  card  at  the  nearest  services  centre. The applicant is required to pay a final fee of QR3,000 upon collection.

The  initiative  to  grant  permanent  residency  to  non-Qatari  individuals  is  expected  to  help  increase  investments and attract more capital, contributing to further economic growth in  the  country,  while  the  State  can  also benefit from people with special competencies.

The rights and privileges a PR cardholder would enjoy in accordance with the law cover areas such as Health, Education, Investments among others.

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