BOSCH | JSB Jigsaw Blade | Speed For Metal | 1-3 mm | 5 Pcs Set | T121AF | BO2608636699

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  • Developed for stainless plate cutting as well as other tough materials with a thickness of 0.5 – 1.5mm.
  • The bi-metal laser welded combination of HSC and HSS gives longlife with a high break resistance
  • the HSS tooth has 8% cobalt making it very robust and more heat resistant than standard blades
  • the special milled and wavy set on the tooth strip for optimum cutting.
  • Range of application: for thin sheets, perforated sheets
  • Tooth design: Wavy set, milled


  • Material: BIM
  • Tooth design: wavy set, milled
  • Total length [mm]: 92
  • Tooth spacing [mm]: 1.2
  • Shank: Single lug shank
  • Areas of application: thin sheet metals (1-3 mm)
  • Length of teeth [mm]: 67
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