BOSCH | SDS Plus-1 Hammer Drill Bit S3 5 X 50 / 110 mm | BO2608680258

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Suitable drill bits for concrete, masonry and reinforced concrete, suitable for all SDS-plus socket drills. Made of standard carbide, has good drilling dust elimination, double U-shape spiral and 2 cutting edges.


  • Suitable for masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Appropriate for all rotary hammers with SDS-plus holder
  • Diffusion bonding technology provides stronger carbide bond for a longer-lasting bit


  • Category: Drill Bits
  • Coating: Bright
  • Cut Profile: Flute - 4-Fold
  • Ind Std/Cust Special: Pgm
  • Length / Bore: 110Mm
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide Tip
  • Thickness/Shank Diameter: SDS-Plus
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