BOSCH | SDS Plus 5X Hammer Drill Bit 14X100X160mm | BO2608833816

BOSCH | SDS Plus 5X Hammer Drill Bit 14X100X160mm | BO2608833816

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Bosch 2608833816 SDS-Plus Drill 14mm x 100mm x 160mm with a working length of 100mm, tungsten carbide drills are suitable for drilling into a wide range of materials including masonry, concrete with rebar and even granite. The 2608833816 14mm drill bit uses an innovative 4 flute Bosch design allowing rapid drilling, increased dirt removal, the design also reduced vibration that increases the working life and precision drilling


  • Centring tip for active and accurate centring in concrete
  • The asymmetrical drilling head design is unique, ensuring outstanding dust removal and reduced wear
  • 4-cutter geometry prevents jamming in rebar
  • The drill bit tip does not break off
  • 4-flute design gives fast dust removal for higher drilling speed and less wear
  • Suitable for masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Appropriate for all rotary hammers with SDS-plus holder


  • Diameter: 14 mm
  • Working length: 100 mm
  • Total length: 160 mm
  • Drill bit, designation: SDS-plus-5X
  • Shank, shape: SDS-plus
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