BOSCH | Standard for Metal Grinding Disc 115 X 6 X 22.23 mm | BO2608603181

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Grinding discs for metal with good performance at an attractive price, last longer allowing you to ork quickly whilst saving energy. Low fricttion cutting appropriate for hand-held angle grinders.
Maximum circumferential speed: 80 m/s (depending on rpm and disc diameter) with a depressed centre. Ideal for cutting stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.
Compliant with international standards and safety requirements such as EN12413, FEPA and oSa. The careful selection and combination of high-quality raw materials speaks for itself.


  • Diameter (Metric): 115mm
  • Bore Size: 22.23mm
  • Product Width: 6mm
  • Blade Type: Metal Grinding
  • Buying Option:115mm
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