CASIO | Lighting Piano Keyboard | 2W | 61 Keys | 3.5kg | LK-136K2

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Dance Music Mode

Easy dance tune playback - Just touching the keys is all it takes to play dance music expressing a DJ mood. Or you can use Build-up Play to apply sound effects characteristic of dance music for even more fun.

Built-up Play

Pressing the indicated black keys livens up the music with six dramatic sound effects!

Key Lighting System & Lesson Lite

Lesson Lite

Follow the keyboard lights to master keyboard play at your own pace.

Voice Fingering Guide

If the keyboard detects that your play is lagging or stopped, or that you are playing the wrong notes, a simulated human voice calls out a number telling you what finger you should use to play the next note.

Right and left hand part select buttons

Built-in two-hand tunes only. Other tunes allow right-hand lesson practice only.


  • Keyboard: 61 piano-type keys with Key Lighting System
  • Maximum Polyphony: 32
  • Tones: 120 built-in tones
  • Rhythms/Patterns: 70 built-in rhythms, 50 Dance Music rhythms
  • Auto Accompaniment: Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord,Controllers: Start/Stop, Synchro/Fill-in
  • Built-in Songs: 100 (Song Bank)
  • Lesson Function: Lesson Lite,EZ Mode,Lesson Part Select (Right hand, Left hand, Both hands),Performance evaluation,Voice fingering guide
  • Other Functions: Dance Music Mode,Song Bank/Rhythm controller
  • Key Transpose: ±1 octave (-12 to 0 to +12 semitones)
  • Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)
  • Speakers: 10cm x 2
  • Amp Output: 2W + 2W
  • Input/Output Terminals: Headphones (standard stereo jack),External power (9V DC)
  • Power Requirements: Batteries: AA-size x 6/ Optional AC adaptor: AD-E95100L
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 946 x 307 x 92 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (Excluding batteries)
  • Included Accessories: Music stand
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