DEWALT | Circular Saw Blade 315mm X 30mm X 48T | DT4332-QZ

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Crafted from tungsten carbide for extreme durability, DEWALT Saw Blades feature a thin kerf and exclusive plate technology for fast, smooth cuts.


  • Anti-vibration slots reduce plate distortion
  • Engineered expansion slots prevent blade overheating and warping
  • Extra-large carbide tips can be resharpened up to 20 times
  • High precision laser manufacture ensures a flat blade body
  • Anti vibration slots reduce plate distortion


  • Blade Diameter: 315mm
  • Bore Size: 30mm
  • Plate Thickness: 2.2mm
  • Kerf Thickness: 3.0mm
  • Tooth Pitch: 20.6mm
  • Tooth Count: 48
  • Grind Geometry: Alternate Top Bevel
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