DEWALT | HSS-G Drill Bit 6.0mm (10pcs/pack) | DT50478-XJ

DEWALT | HSS-G Drill Bit 6.0mm (10pcs/pack) | DT50478-XJ

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Suitable for portable or stationary drilling of high alloy content steels and metals with a tensile strength up to 1100N/mm2 e.g. heat and acid proof steel; cast; iron; bronze; welded seams
  • Has a precision of 135§ point angle – enables self centering & eliminates walking
  • The bit tip can be resharpened to restore profile and sharpness
  • Has a Longer life & rapid drilling precision; ground twist and better debris
  • Has diameter tolerance to h8 grade leading to accurate hole diameter


  • Diameter: 6.0 mm
  • Length: 93 mm
  • Working Length: 57 mm
  • Pack Qty: 10
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