EBARA | Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pump (Made in Italy) | CDXM 90/10

EBARA | Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pump (Italy) | CDXM 90/10

EBARA | Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pump (Italy) | CDXM 90/10

Description of product

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The CDXM/A 90/10 from Ebara is a single impeller centrifugal electric pump with hydraulic parts in AISI 304 stainless steel and is suitable for domestic pressure boosting, brewery applications (when fitted with correct seal) treating water, cooling towers and moving clean water in general


  • Micro Breweries
  • Domestic pressure boosting
  • Small-scale garden irrigation
  • Washing
  • Treating water
  • Cooling towers
  • Moving clean water in general

Technical Details

  • Solid hydraulic structure
  • Small dimensions

Pump Technical Data

  • Maximum working pressure: 8 bar
  • Maximum temperature of the liquid:
  • 5°C ÷ +60°C for CDX(L) 70/05-70/07-90/10
  • 5°C ÷ +90°C for the rest of CDX(L) range
  • 5°C ÷ +110°C in the H-HS-HW-HSW-E version
  • G1½ suction connection for CDX (L) 200, G1¼; for the rest of the range
  • G1 discharge connection
  • MEI > 0,4
  • For further information please see our Data Book

Motor Technical Data

  • High efficiency IE2 motors starting from 0,75kW
  • Self-ventilated 2 pole asynchronous motor
  • Class of insulation F
  • IP55 Protection degree
  • 230V ±10%, 50Hz single phase voltage
  • 230/400V ±10%, 50Hz three phase voltage
  • Permanent capacitor inserted and thermo-amperometric protection
  • with automatic rearm incorporated for the single phase motor
  • Protection under user's responsibility for the three phase version


  • Version in AISI 304
  • Pump casing, impeller, diffuser and casing cover in AISI 304
  • Shaft in AISI 303 (part in contact with the liquid)
  • Version (L) in AISI 316
  • Pump casing, impeller, diffuser and casing cover in AISI 316
  • Shaft in AISI 316 (part in contact with the liquid)
  • Bracket and motor frame in aluminium
  • Mechanical seal in:
  • Ceramic/Carbon/NBR (standard)
  • Ceramic/Carbon/FPM (version H)
  • SiC/SiC/FPM (version HS)
  • Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide/FPM (version HW )
  • SiC/Tungsten Carbide/FPM (version HSW)
  • Ceramic/Graphite/EPDM (version E)
  • Tungsten Carbide/Special Carbon/EPDM (version U3CEGG)
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