FERM | Leaf Blower 3000 W | FELBM1009

FERM | Leaf Blower 3000 W | FELBM1009

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The FERM LBM1009 Leaf Blower is ideal for removing debris, dead leaves, cutting grasses and other miscellaneous material from the ground. When used in the vacuum mode the machine uses it's powerful 3000 watt motor to ensure the leaves or grass are compacted or mulched to be ready for disposal or the compost. Due to its lightweight this leaf blower is easy to use, with shoulder strap and support wheel the leaf blower will be more supportive.


  • With two function : blow and suction
  • Adjustable carrying belt
  • 35 liter collection bag


  • Power: 3000 W
  • Speed: 14000 RPM
  • Voltage: 230- 240 V~
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Max Air Velocity: 270 km/h
  • Mode: Blow and Vacuum
  • Mulching Function: 10:1 ratio
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