PELICAN | Lock for Cases | 1500-518-000

PELICAN | Lock for Cases | 1500-518-000

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The Pelican 1506TSA Lock is a 3 digit combination lock that is TSA approved. This allows the checked luggage to remain protected, because the TSA baggage screeners have special codes and tools which will unlock it. They relock the bag after inspection. While designed for Pelican cases, this lock obviously will work with many other cases. It has a stainless steel hasp that does not corrode.


  • Fits All Pelican Cases
  • Stainless Steel Hasp
  • Three digit combination lock
  • TSA (Transport Security Administration) approved
  • Works with TSA Pass Key for worry free travel
  • Stainless steel hasp that does not corrode
  • Compatible with all Pelican cases
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